Modern Beasts

Altered Demons Book Two

Exceptional thriller and science fiction hybrid continues the trilogy with grounded world-building and future technology powering high stakes missions.

When the beasts rise, the peace dies.

Modern Beasts by Fish Phillips

An unconventional political assassination in 2044 Washington, DC casts doubt on the loyalty of former United States Agent Dee Johnson. Her affiliation with the daughter of a deceased business magnate and known terrorist leader brings added scrutiny while her illness advances.

Yet her burgeoning psychotronic abilities draw interest from world powers and organizations alike. The Freeman Foundation, a global climate initiative led by the first lady, induces her cooperation with advanced Department of Defense projects. Meanwhile, the US government demands justice for a fallen political figure.

When Dee agrees to an unprecedented domestic military campaign, she gains a fresh awareness of what people with power do to those without it. When hidden alliances become known, Dee must decide what master she will serve as the world reaches the tipping point of war.

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