Taz Lake
Founder. Incubator. Technology Consultant. Author. Instructor. Screenwriter. Producer.

I am a genre-defying, collaborative, digital leader. A passion for emerging web technologies tore me away from medicine and science early in my career. After 20+ years I still go where I'm needed to help organizations improve.
Digital. Technical. Professional.

I am a founder, technologist, author, instructor and entrepreneur. I attended high school in Hawaii before graduating from Duke University. A Certificate in the Arts offset my pre-med Chemistry studies. A natural propensity for technology turned me early to the world wide web. After two more graduate degrees covering communications, anthropology, information systems and business I'm more than twenty years into a great technology career.

As the son of an enlisted Marine and first of my family to go to college – the mission has always mattered. My versatility and go anywhere approach has led to success for both me and those I serve.

I've been an award-winning employee at many large companies. Top-rated instructor at two universities. Formal mentor. Technical program manager. Web technology specialist. Published author. Screenwriter. Director. Business owner. Board member for many non-profits and associations.

Now Brightmill Labs runs tiny trials to prove big ideas in SaaS marketplaces. Crabby Rabbit Productions is my movie production company.

I have enjoyed excelling at diverse pursuits including krav maga, chess, watercolor painting, and singing. I also tell jokes that make my engineer wife and teenage daughter roll their eyes.

In my "spare time" find me watching Duke basketball, playing chess or reading up on technology related to automobiles, military planes, new nuclear power, and artificial intelligence.

Let me know how I can help you next.

Taz Lake

Website Improvement

Whether you call it SEO, website improvement, UX, CX, web operations, modernization, web analysis or solution engineering – I can help you get more out of your website investment through optimization of web technology.

Digital Program& Portfolio

Managing a digital and web technology portfolio in today’s world involves substantial complexity. My interests in this area include helping manage “special projects” that are large, complex, risk-heavy programs unique to the organization – particularly when oriented toward web, marketing technology and emerging digital technologies.

Innovation Funnel

I have a particular interest in innovation in the enterprise, integrating innovations into corporate road maps, as well as managing early stage product investment funnels as they relate to software enabled technologies.

M&A Technology Success

Whether you are buying a company or selling one, you need a trusted technology adviser on your success team to provide guidance and support during the process.

SMB Demand Generation

I enjoy helping small and medium business with cost effective solutions and providers to generate more conversations and business.

Web Security & Compliance

I have a particular interest in web security and compliance initiatives. I’ve done this for numerous companies from small to large.

Sample Clients Served


Worked with ARRIS on digital marketing and technology solutions to better leverage the NASCAR sponsorship with Joe Gibbs Racing.


System engineering and support for multiple technology systems related to diverse needs from document and records management to network analysis.


Managed multiple programs for internal customers in technology, legal, operations, and finance related to back end systems, compliance, project management processes and innovation.

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