The Last Minder

The Chronicles of Majjen

A high concept, historical sci-fi story of pain, redemption, and triumph

A hero whose time has passed.
An alien who won’t let him forget.
An android that doesn’t count the cost.

The Last Minder

An elderly war hero with rejected superpowers must overcome a broken mind to survive his last mission on an alien-controlled earth in the distant future.

Benny is a damaged man at the end of life. A hero of World War II, he just wants to live out his final days and die in peace.  

Majjen is a time-traveling alien. He has spent centuries searching for someone like Benny to fulfill his covert mission.  

Majjen flashes him forward centuries to an earth ruled indirectly by benevolent aliens. They foster global tranquility with the help of humans and androids committed to the roadmap for peace. The deeper this world draws in Benny, the more he realizes that everything is not as it seems. Despite this, Majjen has presented him with one opportunity he never thought possible. The chance at redemption. 

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