Brightmill Labs

A virtual incubator based in Atlanta, GA whose goal is to minimize risk by market testing early stage product ideas in sales, marketing and marketplace development.


Ideate & Shape

Initial idea rationalization. Identify users and business case for the idea. Create branding and messaging.


Prototype & Test

Develop application mockups to support users and business case. Build funnel and market test messaging with advertising.


Develop & Grow

Support buildout of company, clickable prototype or MVP, pitch deck and financials. Further investment.

Taz Lake

A long-time passion of mine, the Brightmill Labs concept allows me to work personally with founders interested in testing their product ideas. Over the last decade I have documented numerous ideas and occasionally bring our own capital to invest with partners for a percentage of ownership. Brightmill Labs can tackle early stage idea validation by utilizing both existing and new partnerships. 

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