Brightmill Labs

A virtual incubator based in Atlanta, GA whose goal is to minimize risk by market testing early stage product ideas in sales, marketing and marketplace development.



Ideate & Shape

Initial idea rationalization. Identify users and business case for the idea. Create branding and messaging.


Prototype & Test

Develop application mockups to support users and business case. Build funnel and market test messaging with advertising.


Develop & Grow

Support buildout of company, clickable prototype or MVP, pitch deck and financials. Futher investment.

In Flight Products

SecondHerd connects you with curated B2B sellers that are looking for people in your network. Use your network to connect sellers with the right buyers and earn a commission. Browse curated offerings, make the right introductions and earn when a deal goes through.  Either take the commission or donate to charity. Find out More.

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Taz Lake

A long-time personal passion of mine, the Brightmill Labs concept is an opportunity to take our services experience and move into product testing and development. Over the last decade we've documented numerous ideas and are bringing our own capital to invest with partners for a percentage of ownership. Brightmill Labs can tackle early stage idea validation by utilizing both existing and new partnerships. We can also validate multiple ideas for much less than even a single angel investment. 


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