The Odd Dad Guide

Wise-Ass Rules for New Adults

Bold. Authentic. Irreverent.
An odd book of wisdom for new adults, graduates, and those who love them.

The heart attack I suffered on my teenage daughter's birthday was a wake-up call. Afterwards, I started feverishly drafting a book of wisdom for her, in case I didn't make it to her high school graduation.

What began as a manual for her grew into something even more valuable. The Odd Dad Guide begged to arrive and flowed as catharsis filling a void of unspoken need. Originally intended for my new adult, those of all ages who partook said the rules resonated with them as well. The stories and perspectives here will expose young people to complicated lessons. It is neither pretty nor easy for me to share some of these, but those of us who are more seasoned know that truth is both painful and freeing.

I wish someone had given this tome to me thirty years prior. Now I offer it to you and your families with a hope that your new adult might live a life of authenticity and boldness that represents their true selves.

The Odd Dad Guide

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