Never just one thing. Today, I am a writer.

My name is Taz Lake. I am a novelist and award-winning screenwriter based in Atlanta. As a genre-defying creative professional and "recovering technologist" in my third act of life, my work has earned recognition in prestigious film festivals and competitions, including Austin Film Festival, HollyShorts, Sidewalk, DC Shorts, Richmond International, Finish Line, and Filmmatic. I work with directors, producers, and other writers to bring fabulous stories to life.

Spec Screenplays


Feature Sci-Fi Cosmic Horror

Farming cubes are the last hope to save earth from impending global famine, yet one caretaker must grapple with her ill mother and a strange berry bush amidst tragedies and wonders arising from a meteor impact.

The Patron

Feature Horror

When a struggling actress accepts refuge with a reclusive patron of the arts, she must secure her first role while surviving a mansion populated by others sharing an eerie likeness.

Artist, I Am

Feature Thriller

After a fiercely competitive art auction, an act of international terrorism ruthlessly destroys the prized centerpiece, propelling a seasoned INTERPOL agent into a race against time to uncover the motive and protect other priceless masterpieces from a similar fate.

Let's Abduct Max

Feature Sci-Fi Romance Comedy

A struggling gay romance novelist dodges quirky customers at a failing bookstore until his idealized man reveals a surprise intergalactic plan for his mundane writing talents.

Artist I Am - Novel Book Cover

A Masterpiece Destroyed. A Culprit Unknown. The Answer Unprecedented.

In the glittering world of international art, a high-stakes investigation will challenge the limits of technology and human ingenuity. 

Films Written

The Best You Got - Poster

The Best You Got


Before starting their lives on earth, customers must get their plans approved by an unusual banker and his two assistants.

Little Girl Grace - Movie Poster

Little Girl Grace


When her constant attempts to befriend a stoic old man go unanswered, a young girl must discover why.

Sympathizer - Movie Poster



A somber elder alien seeking to end his life of pain encounters a caring visitor keen to intercede at all costs.

AAi-RON - Poster



When a bright college student brings her class project home, her unnerved parents must make some big decisions. 

Alumni - Poster



A young employee struggling with her first student loan repayment calls the loan company to work out a plan.

Delivered - Poster



A young food delivery driver finds herself amidst a domestic dispute involving drug-addicted parents and a baby.

Other Novels and Short Fiction

The Last Minder - Book Cover

The Last Minder

The Chronicles of Majjen

A high concept, futuristic, social science fiction thriller where the life and death of humanity hangs on the actions of a lone man well past his prime.

Hidden Demon - Book Cover

Hidden Demon

Altered Demons Book 1

An atmospheric thriller about two government agents on a clandestine mission tracking a mysterious political assassin akin to an urban legend.

Modern Beasts - Book Cover

Modern Beasts

Altered Demons Book 2

Continues the Altered Demons trilogy with grounded world-building and future technology powering high stakes missions.

Flawed Master - Book Cover

Flawed Master

Altered Demons Book 3

The conclusion of the Altered Demons trilogy.

Rojan Dawn - Cover

Rojan Dawn

The Chronicles of Majjen

A short story prequel to my novel, The Last Minder: The Chronicles of Majjen, that documents the birth of a key character. 

Fouled - Cover Art



A forlorn diary dictated by a woman carrying the world on her shoulders. We may know where and how she lived, but as she reveals more secrets, we may understand why her recollections matter to us.

Non-Fiction Books

The Myth of Easy

The Myth of Easy

Why do we misjudge complexity in work and life?

Damaged Joy

Damaged Joy

Web experience is customer experience. 

The Odd Dad Guide

The Odd Dad Guide

An odd book of wisdom for new adults and graduates.

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